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Living the healthy lifestyle

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Living a healthy lifestyle is taking care of your mind, body and soul. We were meant to thrive in every aspect of life. At times, what we think holds us back from living the life we want to live. The thoughts we hold within ourselves has a way of impacting our future and can hold us back from living the way we desire to live. When you have trapped old emotions within you, if they are severe enough, have the ability to affect the body physically. Emotions like anger, grief, guilt, resentment and anxiety put such a strain on your physical being that causes exhaustion, pain, migraines, panic attacks, even cancer. By releasing those emotions that are tied into those thoughts, you have the ability heal your body.

Healing comes from within you. Who and what is around you plays a big part in your healing as well. Be selective with whom you surround yourself with. Choose people who are positive and uplifting who are truthful with no hidden agendas. Take your time in knowing them and understanding their point of view making sure you are in alignment. You want to gravitate to them who have good intentions and a positive outlook on life. Viewing things from a positive perspective opens a new way of thinking leaving you with joy and happiness. It can also leave you with excitement and adventure.

A healthy lifestyle can mean so many things to people. Taking the necessary steps to your healing starts not just in the mind, also in the body. It starts with a decision and a commitment. While letting go of what holds you back, it is important to take care of your physical body. By fueling your body with the nutrients, it needs to sustain itself, it will also release unhealthy weight, allows your joints to move freely and allows the brain to think more clearly. Being mindful in what you eat and having moderation with the foods you love, create balance not just in your physical body but also in your mind. Certain feel-good foods have endorphins that trigger loving memories of your past. Living a healthy lifestyle does not mean living a life in deprivation of the things you love, however, it does mean that you live life with harmony and balance.

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