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Unlocking Harmony: Navigating Stress and Mastering Time Management for a Fulfilling Life


Greetings kind souls!

Accepting the truth about yourself can be challenging when you allow it to be. What is right or wrong is a matter of each person’s opinion. When you recognize something about yourself that is true or untrue, it is that form of self-discovery that becomes apparent. Pay attention to your intuition about whatever it is you are talking or thinking about. What feels good or does not feel good will lead you to your truth. Tap into the feelings as they arise and pay attention. Your body tells it all. Reiki has helped me develop this way of tuning into feeling my truth. It has become so powerful in my life and is a main staple of my day. The day-to-day grind can put you in a spiral when you wake up to do the things you have to do, go to work, come home to do it all over again. The many hours in the day seem to fly by so quickly and before you know it, it is over. Life can go that way when you do not allow yourself to savor the moments of the day by using a schedule. I have found that a schedule will help tremendously. If you are not one to hold a schedule, just allow for bigger blocks of time to keep your time organized.

At times it can be difficult to really pay attention to time and you get taken away in the moments, especially when you are on a roll. A schedule acts as a reminder to respect your time and have self-care. When we get on this roll, we tend to forget ourselves. Speak your truth and think your truth once you realize that you are setting yourself aside for other things that are important, however, remember kind soul that you are what is most important. Once you realize the truth you have discovered about the way you practice time management, you will feel less stress, more accomplished and grounded because you have put yourself first.

One of the reasons why I have found that I myself have lost track of time in my day is avoidance. When you avoid things, your mind gets scattered and goes in all directions. Things can be done simply when you do not stress over them. If there is something you have to do that does not feel fulfilling, you avoid it for one reason or another. There is a negativity towards it making it feel like a chore. There is a memory that is tied in with whatever it is you are avoiding and put it off. Does this sound familiar? If you are feeling this way about work, a chore or doing something that leaves you feeling as if you are avoiding it, reflect on what memory is tied into that. Living an extremely busy life, you sometimes give all of your energy to your work, your family, friends and forget about your own needs. There are times when your body becomes so stressed-out and run down for all these outside pressures. This may be a block that you hold within yourself that needs to be released. This can feel as if you are living without balance in your life and causes stress within yourself, your relationships, your career, and business. It creates disharmony within yourself and those around you. This stress and disharmony can cause dis-ease.

Healing come in different forms; the healing of physical health issue or healing of emotional blockages, relationships, stresses or worries in your life. It is up to you to take the first step to allow this healing to take place. It is important for you to take the time out for yourself so that you can clear the obstacles in your body or your life. Take the time out to explore the many options of healing. First, it is important for you to recognize that you are experience the stressors that lead you to poor time management. It would be helpful for you to sit quietly and listen to your body. Where are you feeling the stress in your body? Remember to breathe when you are in the moment of intense stress. Be willing to let it go. Allow peace and tranquility to flow over you.

To get to the reason why you are so stressed, Rapid Energy Release is a powerful process to get to the root cause of it all and release it. It could be something underlying deep in your subconscious mind that it is not discovered until you work through it. Channel your energy and thoughts to clear this feeling as you take time for yourself. Set aside a block of time to help you work it through, unpeeling the layers of why you feel this way. As you move through the thoughts one layer at a time, you will discover the feeling of stress getting lighter and lighter lifting off your shoulders. Be patient with this process by setting time for self-care by digging deeper into what is the reasoning of avoidance leading to poor time management. Was there a time in your life where you felt rushed to get something done or someone that was pressuring you and being demanding of your time? Ask yourself, am I avoiding the task in exchange for doing other things? If you are finding yourself asking these questions and there is resistance, what would it feel like to be set free from what you are avoiding so you can go about your day feeling accomplished with harmony and flow?

The good news is that now that you are aware of the stress that causes poor time management issues, you have the ability to face the reasons why and heal that part of you. As you move forward in the healing process, you will feel more at peace, happier and fulfilled in what it is you are doing. You will have pleasure in accomplishing what it is you set out to do. This is just a reminder that what you think, you create. If you are stressed and think that you are pressed for time and will not accomplish what you started, never going to get that promotion, or never going to get whatever it is you are doing done, that is what you will get. You manifest what you speak of. When you send positive energy to what you are doing, you get the positive result you wish for. It is important to be patient because everything happens in divine timing. If you do not believe in positive results, then your outcome will not be possible. Focus all your positive energy into your outcome and believe it is possible.

Without belief, nothing is possible.

With belief and willingness to heal, the sky is the limit.

Focus, believe and achieve.

Sending you love and blessings,


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