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Worthiness To Receive

Updated: Jan 15

Greetings, kind soul!

As a compassionate and giving person, it is common to overlook our own needs in the broader scope of things. Often, we prioritize others above ourselves, and the generosity we extend may leave us feeling vulnerable to being taken advantage of. We do the best we can for our family, our kids and for the all the people we love. The act of enabling our loved ones, even financially, might hinder their journey to self-discovery and independence.

Reflecting on my own life, though far from perfect, I navigated it on my own. The life lessons learned along the way encouraged me to think creatively, thinking with an open mine and think out of the box. In becoming an entrepreneur at a younger age, I discovered unconventional ways to sustain my income, including living in rent-free spaces in exchange for tasks like cooking, babysitting, and managing properties. There exists an inner wisdom and knowledge that we often overlook unless we consciously tap into it. 

I frequently receive the message to "use my brilliance to chart the next steps to greatness." Embracing a mindset unafraid of financial scarcity, I understood that the world is abundant, providing numerous opportunities. If one approach failed, another awaited exploration and if that did not work, I would try something else.

Being a giving person does not equate to being a pushover; rather, it signifies being loving in nature. Generosity is an act of love. We must be open to receiving as well. While we extend generosity to others, it is crucial not to neglect ourselves. To achieve this, cultivating love for who we are and what we do is imperative. If dissatisfaction exists in who we are and what we do, you must ask yourself why we stay in unfulfilling situations such as relationships, careers and living situations as this is key to unlocking happiness and fulfillment.

Feelings of unworthiness may plague us, hindering our ability to receive love, gifts, compliments, recognition, or compensation for our efforts. The feeling of not being worthy of something as big as being loved or making money could leave you feeling stuck and unhappy. To live in this feeling dims your light and leave you feeling as if there is no hope. It takes making the decision to want to change something about yourself. Acknowledging and changing these thoughts and language patterns is a vital first step. Seeking support, writing your thoughts and feelings out, positive affirmations, meditation, or therapy is beneficial, but addressing the root cause energetically is more important. These will assist you in moving forward to the place where you want to be, which is HAPPY. Unless you remove the root cause of the negative emotion,the statements that go along with positive affirmations isn't believable on a deep level. This is because the emotions are not resolved and they are just get set aside, therefore those feelings do not really go away completely. The negative emotions and limiting belief have to be removed on an energetic level.

The use of energy healing practices, such as Rapid Energy Release, proves effective in removing negative emotions including worthlessness. Understanding why we feel unworthy is crucial, and by recognizing our role in accepting mistreatment, we empower ourselves to make choices that break the cycle of negativity.


There are many ways of helping remove the feeling of lack of worthiness. Some people do not even know they are feeling a lack of self-worth. They just stay stagnant and accept the way things are. It is very important to tune into why you feel this way. It is not the people who come into your life that make you feel that way. You cannot change what people say or how they treat you. It is important to recognize and understand why you are accepting of this and learn how to stop the limiting belief. Once you recognize the reason, use your intuition to help you recognize possible future events that could lead you to feel this way. This will allow you to make the choice regarding whom you want in your presence and the situation you choose to be in. LIfe is about the freedom choice. You must decide that you want this behavior to stop.

Here is a story about Kathy who went on an interview for a new job position. She went on to tell me that as she sat across from the person interviewing her for a new position, she felt uncomfortable speaking with the employer in the interviewing process. I reminded her that as the employer interviews the potential employee, the employee is also interviewing the employer as well. It is not just the employer seeing if the person is worthy of the job position. It is also seeing if the employer is worthy of your energy. If respect and fulfillment are your greatest values when it comes to your career know that you are worthy of having this while being in alignment to your values.

Abundance, beyond monetary and physical aspects, also includes the positive feelings that come from receiving compliments and other enriching experiences. Ignoring or struggling to accept compliments often stems from a lack of self-worth. There is something in your life or someone in a situation that made you develop this limiting belief that you are not worthy of recognition, gifts or even being compensated for your time and energy if you are an entrepreneur.

The first step to healing is to recognize and accept that you have this feeling deep within you. It takes making the decision and commitment to healing yourself on an energetic level. There are many healing practices that will work to help in releasing the limiting belief of worthiness and other negative emotions. While talk therapy allows you to talk it out, it skims the surface of a problem that you are facing by taking a sufficient amount of time in finding the underlying cause, whereas, Rapid Energy Release can cut the chords of lack of worthiness quickly and efficiently. This healing modality goes into action through tapping on pressure points on the surface of the skin. This practice sends signals through the neuro pathways leading to the central area of the brain where emotions are stored. It allows for the immediate breaking down of negative emotions that go alone with worthiness. This healing practice allows the emotions to move quickly to expose the root cause allowing you to heal. It is like peeling away the layers of an onion. By tapping into the root of what has caused this limiting belief to begin, you will set yourself free in just a short amount of time. Once the root cause is exposed and worked through, the healing practice of Reiki allows you to energetically heal by filling you with self-love and a feeling of tranquility. Imagine having the feeling of peace and harmony overflowing over you eliminating all negativity. These are two very powerful practices that calm your mind filling you with peace and harmony from within.

This profound transformation allows you to bask in the abundance the world has to offer, including the recognition of your true inherent worthiness. Know you are worthy of every good thing and there is enough to go around for everyone.

Sending you love and blessings,


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