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Words Cut Like A Knife

The words that people say can cut like a knife. The person saying the hurtful words intend to say them to activate some sort of hurt within you. Their intention of putting out words to receive a reaction activates their ego to response back causing the start of an argument. The purpose of this is to have something to defend themselves with to make themselves feel better. Having respect for yourself by not giving a reaction, is your choice. If this is what you choose, it speaks louder than words.

People say stupid and hurtful things to try and hurt another person’s feelings. Yes, everyone has the right to freedom of expression, as they have the freedom of choice. You have the right and the choice to make a statement with your voice or the choice to make a statement with silence, the fact is it is your choice. To some, silence may be perceived as weakness. For others, who are reactive to confrontation, silence is a sign of strength, integrity, and great respect for themselves especially if they are a person who reacts when someone makes the effort to break their spirit or get you fueled. The truth is you are responsible for your own thoughts, your own words, and your own actions. It is up to you how you stand up for yourself, how you react and how you use your words.

We were born of the same cloth by our creator. As babies, we are all born equally with love. We were born to love and be loved. As we get older, the environment around us, the people, places, and things, change the way we think of ourselves. Hurtful words can break us down by those who have been hurt themselves. Sometimes they mean to and sometimes they do not. Know in your heart that it is not personal, and it is part of their baggage that they carry along within themselves that cause them to speak to you negatively.

There have been times that I ask myself, “Why am I experiencing what I am feeling and what is it that this situation is showing me about me? What lesson is this trying to teach me and what is the learning that I am to learn? We are all here for a reason. There is a purpose for everything that happens to us. It is all meant for us to learn from and preserve those learnings that provide us with insight to even more in life. So, when someone throws daggers, you have the choice of how to react. You can either let them stab you with their hurtful words or you can take those words and release them. Holding onto negative emotions will dim your light. The choice is yours. Wouldn’t it feel better to release them into the universe for your mental health and wellbeing?

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