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Dealing With The Bully

Bullying does not come just from a kid in school. It can also come from a friend, a colleague, mentor or a boss. People show up in your life during various times and sometimes you do not see their true colors until they are called out on their actions. This person may appear to be caring, kind and helpful, however, if things are not going the way they expected, to regain their own control in their lives they could turn on you through their tone and their words. When it comes to bullying, we get so consumed as we live through this that we do not realize this is happening while it is happening. When a person is condescending to you in conversation and you notice that the conversation does not feel good, it shines a different light on that relationship. Is it you who is perceiving what they are saying incorrectly or is this person bullying you in their own way? The bully targets calm, centered people knowing that the person will be deliberately shocked making them feeling badly about themselves. This deliberate, and condescending way of taking down to you is a form of bullying. It is their way of taking control when they feel they are losing control or a cover up when they do something wrong. When this happens, it is important to know that this is truly not about you and it is about them.

The bully usually targets a kind person for the reason that they need to feel good about themselves. Bullies have low self-esteem and the act of bullying is a way to feed their EGO.

You have two choices.

You could either let it hurt you and take it to heart or you can walk away and pray for them for their own healing.

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