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Burn The Boats

Have you ever had dreams that you set aside or even let go of?

We all have dreams. We were born to dream of a life that is fulfilling and exciting.

*Maybe you dreamed of dancing for the New York City Ballet, acting in a Broadway play or in Hollywood.

*Maybe you dreamed of climbing the tallest mountain, running in a marathon, traveling the world and even being in a loving relationship with your soul mate.

*Maybe you dreamed of writing a book, starting a business you wanted to pursue or advance in a career opportunity.

For some, there is something within us that stands in the way of letting these things happen. Our DNA coding, the way we were raised and spoken to is lodged so deep within us it gets in the way of putting you on the road to your dreams becoming your reality.

Staying in the comfort zone of what we know keeps us in the status quo because it feels safe. Yes, your comfortability keeps you in the safety net protecting you from fear, pain, and injury, but it also keeps you from taking that step to reaching your goals and dreams. Many times, we are content to stand on the sidelines and just watch others live the life you dream of.

Fear of failure and even rejection also keep us from moving forward towards what we desire. It can feel safer to watch others succeed then leading to our own opportunity for success and growth.

What have you lost by having these missed opportunities in your life? What has it cost you?

How many times did you ask yourself, “Do I take the leap?” or “how do I know if I’m following my heart’s desire or am I making a mistake?” The answer is, you really do not know, until you try.

Motivational speaker, Anthony Robbins says, “If you want to take the island, you have to burn the boats?”

Yes, you must be willing to burn the boats that are behind you and trust yourself. This takes commitment and courage. You cannot allow fear, second-guessing that gets you off track and stop focusing on all the WHAT IF’s. You could focus to remove the obstacles, all the excuses and concentrate on the steps to be successful in going in the direction you want to go in to follow those dreams.

That is easier said than done. You could do all of this, however, if you do not get to the root cause of what is holding you back and what stands in your way of success, you may not be able to reach the highest potential of who you are and who you were meant to be. There will be obsicles that will get in the way because you have not cleared what blocked you in the first place.

You might be wondering where this is coming from within you and more importantly, why does this happen. We have a Mind-Body response to everything we do, think, and feel. There might be a limiting belief that block you path and that stands in the way to achieving your goals and dreams. It is buried within your subconscious mind creating a resistance to getting what you want and has accumulated since childhood. It becomes part of our DNA and our coding. These programmed beliefs and emotions become your truth until you discover and release them. Do not let anyone every stand in your way of being who you want to be.

You deserve to be living a life of freedom and living the dream you so deserve.

So, discover, release that coding and set fire to the boat so you could never look back!! The only direction to look in is onward!

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