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It is my mission to guide you to create a breakthrough, healing and transformation to discovering the joy within Mind, Body and Soul. 

Tapping Into Resolutions
with Maria 


Why hire a Release and Recovery Healing Coach?

Sad on Couch

Everything has energy. 


We are all made with energetic vibrations that are positive, high vibrating energy and negative, lower vibrational energy. 


Low vibrational energy such as grief, depression, shame, guilt, the feeling of being unworthy or not enough comes from SADNESS; hurt, jealousy, frustration or critical thinking comes from ANGER; anxiety, rejection, feelings of helplessness, insecurity, stress and discouragement comes from FEAR.

When negative, low vibration energy gets trapped and stuck, it causes DIS-EASE in the body and leads to mental, emotional and physical aiments, as well as illnesses. This can be avoided when you process the emotions properly and fully.  

Reiki and Energy Healing can help you to process and release these lower vibrational energies leaving you feeling more at peace, with harmony and balanced.

When you allow yourself to process fully, you allow yourself to heal Mentally, Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually through Reiki and Energy Healing. You have the power, the love of self and inner wisdom to discover the joy within you to live your life with fulfillment, joy harmony and balance. 


In Person Reiki
Distance Reiki 


Karmic Age Regression

Intuitive Readings

Online Book Club Gatherings 

Rapid Relief Tapping Technique

Emotional Food Addiction Healing

Time-Line Therapy

Deep Excavation Journaling


Emotional Freedom Tapping Technique

Private Inner Guidance Mentoring

Heightened Sensory Tapping

Alignment Affirmation Conversion Patterns


As an Integrative Healer and Human Developer,  I am committed to providing you with knowledge, compassion, and healing to get you to a healthy state of wellbeing. My mission is to help you in discovering and processing emotions that are harmful to your wellbeing that can cause physical illness so you are able to move onto healing and transformation. Emotional baggage can really weigh you down and can hold you back from living a joyful, healthy and abundant life. By healing the low vibrational emotions, you create a healthier more abundant life that you desire. By this way of processing and releasing, YOU will have the ability to reprogram and refocus your thoughts on an subconscious level, feel alive, live life by your design. You will have the opportunity to Discover The Joy Within YOU!

Everything has energy.  Everything we do, think, and feel contains energy. Our emotions carry a vast amount of energy within them. Reiki and Energy Healing is a loving process of releasing the old way of thinking that come with negative emotions and limiting beliefs from events of the past. It heals and calms down that inner voice that speaks to you. It will restore your positive energy, self-confidence,  self-love and wellbeing. 

If you are ready to BREAK FREE and heal schedule a Complementary Discovery Call today. If you have questions, leave a message in the chat box or email and we will get back to you within 24 hours. What are you waiting for? Jump into action in getting started to start YOUR NEW LIFE from the comfort of your own home. 

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Phone: 732-800-6690

What Clients Say

"I can't say enough about how Rev Maria helped me beat the addiction of eating sweets. I was always overweight and lacked energy. The heavier I got, the more warnings doctors gave about becoming a diabetic. Rev Maria helped me deal with my addiction, and amazingly, I no longer crave all those foods that were slowly killing me. Today, I lost 25+ lbs and I have tons of energy. I can't thank her enough!! Her expertise, professionalism and warm personality made her a friend for life!!   ~DT"

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